A passion for performance

Since their childhood, Alex and Lea have a real passion for horses. . From breeding to training to pre-training, they work with the support of a team and experienced and recognized advisors of the field. Today it is more than twenty racehorses who are training at Haras, each receiving a special treatment. The private training center of Sarona Farm has a training track approved by France gallop and has all the necessary equipment for optimal preparation (starting stall, walker ... etc). Methodical, intensive or fractional work everything is done to develop the cardiovascular capacity of horses and make them win their races.

The training and care team

What makes the quality of our center is first and foremost the quality of the team that works together.

  • A public trainer graduated by France Gallop, resident at stud

  • A jockey attached to the stud

  • A team of training riders selected rigorously

  • A veterinarian attached to the stud (practicing at Clinique Du Livet)

  • A graduate osteopath (weekly visit to the stud)

  • A marshal specialized in racing horses

Piste vue du ciel.jpeg

Our own private traning trail

Located on our domain , the Sarona Farm trail is approved by France Galop. It allows daily training, while limiting the movement of horses. We also invested in "Racing Boxes allowing our young horses to train and get used to the real conditions of the races.

High quality infrastructure and facilities

Our center has all the equipment and facilities necessary for training and in particular:

  • Boxes of departure

  • Walker

  • A round of loin

An ideal environment for the development of horses

The quality of Sarona Stud Farm

One of the strengths of our stud farm is simply the quality of the land on which the horses can stay. These are simply the best in France and they provide an ideal setting for feeding and developing horses.

The proximity of the hypodrôme de Deauville

The possibility of training on a racecourse and getting closer to the actual conditions of races.

The benefit of regular outings to the beach

The Stud is located only 10 km from the beaches of Omaha Beach, the horses train regularly on long sandy beach or in shallow water to increase their performance. This environment allows them to evolve in a framework of relaxation, while respecting the requirement of intensive training.

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